Solutions for Automotive Parts Corrosion and Rust Prevention

Zerust has been deployed by almost all major automotive companies and their automotive parts suppliers. Our sales directors are experts in corrosion solutions for work in progress, packaging, shipping, storage, and inventory applications.

Zerust® VCI Film Reduces Corrosion Costs and Fixes Rust Issues Created by Generic Film Product When a major international automobile manufacturer switched to a cheaper corrosion-inhibiting solution for overseas CKD shipments, it didn’t anticipate the cost-cutting decision to cause a negative effect on its bottom line. Prior to reducing spending, the company used Zerust VCI corrosion-inhibiting packaging film and had no corrosion problems. Soon after switching to a generic product, the company learned the true costs of preventable corrosion.

Otomotiv parçaları ZERUST VCI Torbaları ile pastan korunmaktadır.

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