Waste Water Industry

Waste Water Treatment Plants Electronics Protection

The corrosion process is especially aggressive in waste water plant environments. Zerust field engineers have extensively studies our products effectiveness in these situations. The cost and inconvenience of corrosion doesn’t have to be accepted, now there is a solution with Zerust.

An ActivPak diffuser packet protects in corrosive environments.

Avoid replacing expensive electronics. Zerust ActivPak extends the life of electronics and reduces downtime and the need to replace components.

Key Products: 
Vapor Capsules

Product Solution Highlights

Zerust® Activ™ Series Diffusers: ActivPak, ActivCapsule, and ActivTab products are easy-to-use diffusers that provide fast-acting and powerful corrosion protection. Drop-in the product to protect sensitive metals even in the most challenging environments. Zerust Vapor Capsule Diffusers: Vapor Capsules provide targeted corrosion protection to metals and come in many different sizes. They are odorless, non-toxic, residue-free, and are designed to work in restricted spaces.

Safe for Electronics, Tough on Humidity and Contaminants

  • Does not affect the functionality of circuitry
  • Does not harm printed circuit boards and sensitive ICs
  • Does not leave galvanic effects, conductive residues or surface changes
  • Is clean, dry and invisible corrosion inhibiting technology
  • Is safe and easy to use for personnel

Reduce electronic equipment failures that lead to downtime due to corrosion with Zerust corrosion

protection. Zerust protects even in electronic enclosures in corrosive atmospheres with high humidity,

condensation, or traces of aggressive pollutants such as sulfides and chlorides that are found in waste

water treatment environments. Zerust corrosion inhibitor technologies work to combat these causes

of corrosion, even acid-gases and moisture.

Proven Safe, Reliable and Effective Corrosion Solutions for Electronics in Highly Corrosive


Zerust corrosion inhibiting products are a cost-effective way to protect electrical components and

equipment from the destructive effects of corrosion, even in corrosive environments. For over 35 years,

Zerust’s proprietary vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology has been proven safe and effective for

protecting sensitive metals. An analysis of compatibility using recognized test procedures can be arranged

with a local Zerust representative.

The Benefits of Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor Products 

  • Longer equipment life and sustained reliability
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduced down time and fewer repairs
  • Protection from corrosion for multiple metals types
  • Solutions for other issues such as electrostatic discharge (ESD), acid-gas and Ultra Violet (UV)


*Top Row: Panel protected by ActivPak in H2S sulfur gas environment. (2-18 ppm) 

*Bottom Row: Unprotected panel in H2S sulfur gas environment. (2 – 18 ppm)