Explore the range of corrosion protection packaging materials containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI): VALENO films, ABRIGO papers, VCI diffusers and Corrosion Protection Fluids.


Zerust®/Excor® ICT510-C VCI Film provides cost-effective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for metals in shipping and storage.

VCI Bags

Zerust bag covers are finished with a VCI corrosion protection film based on polyethylene with a VCI active substance incorporated into the polymer matrix.

VCI Paper

Acid-free, pH neutral corrosion inhibiting VCI kraft paper and poly laminated VCI paper offer corrosion protection for metal parts.

Rust Preventative Vapor Diffusers

Self-contained, portable products that diffuse Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) chemicals to protect metals within enclosures.

Rust Preventatives Coatings

Temporary corrosion protection for parts in-between production processes, storage, or for added protection to the ICT500 Series Packaging Products during ocean shipments.

Rust Removers

Zerust Axxaclean metal cleaners offer safe and easy solutions for the removal of severe rust.