Rust Preventative Vapor Diffusers

Self-contained, portable products that diffuse Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) chemicals to protect metals within enclosures.

Zerust VCI Diffuser Series

In addition to traditional VCI film and other packaging products, Zerust offers the ICT® 800 Diffuser Series. VCI Diffusers provide targeted corrosion protection in hard-to-reach enclosed spaces or can be used as added protection to Zerust VCI packaging products. VCI Diffusers emit powerful Zerust corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion. They are safe for electronics, odorless*, non-toxic*, residue-free, and are designed to work in restricted spaces.

How to Install Zerust Diffusers  (Detailes)

Zerust® ICT® diffusers are easy-to-use corrosion protection products that contain patented Zerust corrosion inhibiting technology. Zerust ICT diffusers come in different formats to meet your specific protection needs. they all emit powerful corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion.

Use Zerust ICT diffusers to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metal such as iron, steel, copper, zinc, and solder. Their ferrous metal corrosion protection exceeds test requirements of all relevant standards including NACE TM0208-0208 and MIL-STD 3010A (test method 4031).

How the Zerust protective molecules suppress corrosion

  1. They passivate the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas on the metal surfaces.
  2. They may also form a hydrophobic layer that prevents water and moisture from direct contact with the metal therefore acting as an electrolyte.
  3. They may regulate the pH value of the electrolyte.

How to Install

  1. Remove product from packaging.
  2. Mark or take note of the installation date. Diffusers are conservatively rated for a wide range of environments to provide a minimum 1 or 2 year life depending on the model.
  3. Place the diffuser in the most ideal location possible following the principles below.
  4. Ensure that the airflow to the enclosure is restricted.

NOTE: Upon removal of the Zerust diffuser or opening the enclosure; the Zerust protective molecules will dissipate from the metal surface within hours. Corrosion protection of the metal surface will also cease by this time.

How to correctly place Zerust Diffusers

Center – the ideal location to obtain maximum coverage of protection from the capsule. This position may not be possible if the center is occupied.
Corner – In deeper enclosures two capsules may be required on diagonally opposed corners to fully protect the entire space.
Sides – Is practical for most applications and provides the optimum side mounted protection. ğlar.
Dual Placement – For longer boxes or divided spaces, place a capsule in opposite corners for complete coverage.
It is essential to restrict airflow to the container. Airflow removes protective vapor barrier from the space faster than it can be released from the diffuser.

Contending with Restricted Airflow

When it cannot be avoided applying Zerust diffusers within enclosures with some small air leaks, then it is recommended to place the capsule close to the source of airflow.

For added corrosion protection when there are small air leaks or in especially corrosion conditions, consider placing additional Zerust diffusers near the sensitive metal surface to be protected.