Axxatec™ 77C


Metals Protected: Ferrous, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Copper
Outdoor Protection: Not recommended
Indoor Protection: 4 months
Application Methods: Spray, Brush, Dip
Surface Finish: Thin, cloudy, visible

Use Axxatec 77C to protect bare metal surfaces (such as those of golf club shafts) during assembly,

large equipment during temporary storage, and in situations where water-based spray-on,

in-line production or dipping applications are desired. (Detay alt içerik eklenecek)


Directions for use: Axxatec 77C

  1. Make sure parts are clean and dry.
  2. Dilute Axxatec 77C with deionized or reverse osmosis water (recommended for optimum performance) in a ratio of 1 part Axxatec 77C to 24 parts water. Use vigorous agitation when mixing
  3. Wear gloves when handling parts to avoid corrosion causing fingerprints.
  4. Spray, brush or dip metal parts into diluted Axxatec 77C.
  5. Air dry. Drying time is approximately 15 minutes.
  6. Ship or store parts in protected storage (protects up to four months under shelter).


Zerust Axxatec 77C can be easily removed by using any commercially available alkaline cleaner or solvent. Always check with your customer to see if removal of Axxatec 77C is required prior to the use of the protected parts.