Axxatec 8110C


Metals Protected: Ferrous, Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Outdoor Protection: Not recommended
Indoor Protection: 6 months in a system
Application Methods: Closed system additive
Surface Finish: Thin, invisible

Axxatec 8110C was designed for use in closed system, such as aqueous cooling systems or hydraulic systems, and will protect iron, steel, aluminum, copper and brass parts within these systems for up to six months. It is a water-based and easily diluted with coolant or water-based hydraulic fluids.

Directions for use: Axxanol 8110

  1. Make sure metal surfaces and parts within the system are as clean as possible.
  2. Mix Axxanol 8110 with coolant or hydraulic fluid in a ratio of 1 part Axxanol 8110 to 10 parts fluid.
  3. Wear gloves to avoid corrosion caused by fingerprints on metal surfaces and parts.
  4. Add Axxanol 8110/fluid mixture to your cooling or hydraulic system.
  5. The system will be protected for up to six months.

If used as a rinse or temporary coating (a few hours) prior to packaging in Zerust Film, mix Axxanol 8110 with de-ionized water in a ratio of 1 part Axxanol 8110 to 10 parts water.


Flush system with de-ionized water or rinse parts to remove Axxanol 8110.